Historic Photographs

The Nave Altar

During the 1980’s and 1990’s St Leonard’s Church housed a Nave Sanctuary complete with Nave Altar, Wooden Lectern and Portable Font.  This photograph shows the Nave Sanctuary as it was seen soon after completion.


In the view below, the Nave Altar is seen from the west end of the saint Leonard’s Parish Church Loftus, soon after its completion.

Nave altar from west

The Tower Bells 1985

In 1985 the two tower bells at St Leonard’s Parish Church were removed in order to be rehung and mechanised.  This photographs shows the size of the bells in comparison to one of the younger members of the congregation.

Bells 1985

The Interior of Saint Leonard’s

This photograph is of the interior St Leonard’s Parish Church Loftus, before the introduction of the Nave Altar and the Nave Sanctuary.

Before the Nave Altar

This photograph of the High Altar and Sanctuary is from the same period.

Loftus High Altar c1980

Saint Leonard’s c. 1980

This photograph is of St Leonard’s Parish Church Loftus, from the Church Gate, circa 1980.


Saint Leonard’s Interior in the 1960’s

This Photograph was taken either at the end of the 1950’s or at the beginning of the 1960’s and was used as the cover photograph on the “Loftus Parish Church Magazine” for many years.


Saint Leonard’s from the South West

This undated Sepia Postcard show St Leonard’s Parish Church Loftus from the South West.

St Leonard's from the South West

Saint Leonard’s from the South

This photograph from the southern portion of the Churchyard in undated but must have been taken before the 1950’s when the new stained glass windows were installed in the nave.


Saint Leonard’s from the Church Gate

This photograph of St Leonard’s taken from the Church Gate shows the new church building sometime between 1900 (when the new church was built) and 1937 (when the arch was added to the Church Gate to commemorate the coronation of King George VI.)


After the Rood Screen

This undated photograph shows the interior of St Leonard’s Parish Church after the erection of the oak Rood Screen.  The Screen is dedicated “To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Dame Elizabeth Scott who fell asleep December 13th 1911. Her husband has erected the screen in this church.”


The War Memorial Reredos

This photograph is taken from a postcard dated 1926 and shows the “New Reredos Loftus Parish Church.”  The carved oak screen behind the altar,  known as the Reredos, was placed into St Leonard’s Church in memory to the men of Loftus who had fallen during the Great War of 1914-1918.


Before the Rood Screen & Reredos

This Photograph of the interior of St Leonard’s Parish Church can be dated to the period after 1910 when the East Window received its stained glass.


The East Window 1910

An early sepia photograph of the East Window of St Leonard’s Parish Church Loftus, which was installed in 1910 / 1911.

East Window 1911

Saint Leonard’s 1907/1908

This picture is a Loftus Postcard postmarked “Loftus May 1907” and shows St Leonard’s Parish Church and Loftus Town Hall.

1907 photo

This image is from a postcard postmarked “Carlin How 1908” and show St Leonard’s Parish Church Tower as seen from South Loftus.  This is where the Beck crosses Water Lane.

St Leonard's 1908The New Saint Leonard’s

This Photograph shows the interior of St Leonard’s Parish Church not long after the 1900 building was completed.  The photograph can be dated to before 1910, as this was the year in which the stained glass window replaced the clear glass in the East Window above the High Altar.


The Re-dedication Plaque in St Leonard’s Parish Church Loftus; confirming the hallowing of the new Parish Church building for Christian Worship by the Bishop of Beverley.

photo 5

Saint Leonard’s Church Before the 1900 Building

The Exterior

These pictures of St Leonard’s Church are the oldest photograph we can find.

This first photograph was taken before 1900 when the majority of the 1811 church building (seen here) was demolished to make way for the current Victorian church.


The photograph below may be the oldest photograph of the exterior of Saint Leonard’s Church Loftus, and dates from 1875.  Notice that there is no Town Hall behind the Church!  Loftus Town Hall opened in 1879.

This photograph from the NorthEast corner of the 1811 building also dates from 1875

The Interior

This photograph shows the interior of the old (1811) Parish Church.


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