Interested in Confirmation?

IMG_0280The Bishop of Beverley has agreed to join us to celebrate St Leonard’s Day on Thursday 6th November 2014.

Bishop Glyn will be presiding and preaching at the
7:00 pm Patronal Festival Mass and is willing to confirm confirmation candidates at this special service.

If you or anyone you know is interested in being confirmed by the Bishop of Beverley on the 6th November 2014, please speak to the Rector who will be organising a Confirmation Course later in the year.


Confirmation marks the point in the Christian journey at which you affirm for yourself the Christian faith into which you have been baptised and your intention to live a life of committed discipleship.  This affirmation is “confirmed” through prayer and the laying on of hands by the Bishop of Beverley.  During the service the Church also asks God to give you power through the Holy Spirit to enable you to live in the way of Jesus Christ.

When you were baptised as a child, your parents and godparents were asked to declare publicly on your behalf that they believed in God and that they would bring you up to follow Jesus. They were asked to answer, on your behalf, that you had decided to turn away from everything which is evil or sinful and instead to turn towards Christ.  At confirmation, you will renew these decisions and promises.  These declarations will be made in front of the church congregation; and the congregation will promise to support you and pray for you as together we celebrate your confirmation on St Leonard’s Day.

More information about Confirmation in the Church of England can be found on