St Helen’s Clergy

The foundation stone for the new Church of St Helen (for the East Cleveland Villages of Carlin How and Skinningrove) was laid by Mrs Dorman on Wednesday 23rd May 1900.  A year later the Bishop of Hull solemnly consecrated St Helen’s Church on Wednesday 30th October 1901.

From 30th October 1901 until 29th November 1941 the Church of St Helen was administered by the Rectors of Brotton, in whose benefice the new church was sited.

Rectors of Brotton with the oversight of Carlin How & Skinningrove

Rectors Board at St Margaret's Parish Church Brotton
Rectors Board at St Margaret’s Parish Church Brotton

1868 to 1894  James Bell

From 1895  Andrew Pirie Mitchell

1922 to 1926  Walter Bancroft

1927  Graham Evans

1927  Michael Cox

1933  C. A. Dodds

1936 – 1941  Percy Metcalf

Curates-in-Charge of the Conventional District of Carlin How with Skinningrove

On 29th November 1941 the “Conventional District of Carlin How with Skinningrove” was established, formed out of parts of the Benefices of Brotton and Loftus.  A Conventional District is not a parish, but is a designated area which is anticipating becoming a new parish in due course.  Thus, even in 1941 it was envisaged that Carlin How and Skinningrove would one day become its own parish.

29th November 1941  Alexander Llwehellin Max

15th October 1944      James Walter Halls

7th June 1950              Alan Beere Johnston

The Conventional District became a Parish in its own right by Order-in-Council made by HM The Queen on the 6th June 1952 effective from 13th June 1952

Vicars of Carlin How with Skinningrove

28th July 1952 to 11th June 1957                 Alan Beere Johnston

15th March 1958 to 18th September 1967  Kenneth Ernest Wallington Tregeare

Between September 1967 and January 1973 the vicarage was vacant and it became increasingly clear that the Parish no longer warranted its own full time vicar.

Initially plans were made to restore the Parish to the Benefice of Brotton with the Rector of Brotton becoming “Rector of Brotton Pava and Carlin How with Skinningrove.”  However, these discussions failed.

Further discussion were held to assess the viability of creating the Benefice of “Carlin How with Liverton” with the Vicar living in Liverton Mines.  However, these plans also proved to be unworkable.

Finally, on the 8th January 1973 the Rector of Loftus John Walter Theobald became Priest-in-Charge of the Parish.

Priests-in-Charge of the Parish of Carlin How with Skinningrove

1973  John Walter Theobald (Rector of Loftus)

1987  David Hodgson (Rector of Loftus)

In 1987, the two separate benefices of Loftus-in-Cleveland and Carlin How with Skinningrove become the single Benefice of “Loftus-in-Cleveland and Carlin How with Skinningrove” a happy arrangement which continues to this day.

Rectors of Loftus-in-Cleveland and Carlin How with Skinningrove

Benefice Shield
Benefice Shield

1987  David Hodgson

1994  Stephen Gallagher

1997  John Payne

2002  Timothy Whitwell

2009  Adam Gaunt