Historic Photographs

These two photographs of Saint Helen’s Parish Church were taken in 1972.

St H 1972


St Hs 2 1972

This photograph of the East End of St Helen’s Church was featured on the front cover of the Parish Magazine in 1967.


These three photographs are among the oldest surviving photographs of the interior of St Helen’s Church Carlin How.  They are difficult to date, but our best guess is sometime in the early 1950’s

This Photograph of the interior is also dated to the 1950’s.  We know this photograph was taken after 1951 as the six high altar candlesticks were purchased in 1951 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of St Helen’s Church, which was consecrated on the 30th October 1901.


This is a postcard of St Helen’s Church from the 1950’s

This undated picture shows the scene outside of the west door of St Helen’s Church following a Mothers Union Celebration.  Please notice that both the Parish Priest and the Bishop are in attendance.

EastCleveland 094

This view of the interior of St Helen’s Church Carlin How is undated; however, our best estimate places the date somewhere between the two world wars.

scan0006This Photograph shows St Helen’s Parish Church high on the cliff top as seen from the other side of the Skinningrove Valley.skinningoveThis historic map shows St Helen’s Parish Church surrounded by cottages and overshadowed by the scale of the Skinningrove Iron and Steel Works.Skinningrove2This photograph of Carlin How taken from above, was published in 1922 and shows St Helen’s Parish Church surrounded by Skinningrove Iron Works.


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