Loftus Beavers Visit Saint Leonard’s Church

On the evening of Tuesday 27th March 2018, Loftus Beavers visited Saint Leonard’s Church in Loftus in-order to qualify for their faith badge!

The previous week Father Adam Gaunt, Rector of Loftus-in-Cleveland, had visited the Loftus Scout Hut and had worked with the Beavers enabling them to think about prayer, reflection and about the place of faith in modern British life.

This session was then followed by a visit and tour of Saint Leonard’s Parish Church in Loftus.  During the tour, the Beavers saw the font where baptisms take place, the altar where Holy Communion is celebrated and the golden Eagle Lectern from where the Bible is read.  The Beavers also got to hear the fantastic Church Organ and the Church Bells!

Father Adam Gaunt said, “It was great to welcome the Loftus Beavers to their Parish Church and to explore the church building together.  I am also delighted that the beavers have all qualified to receive the faith badge and I look forward to working with the First Loftus Beaver, Cubs and Scouts again in the future.”