News from the Diocese of York Wednesday 11th December 2013

Freewill Offers – Thank you!

Archbishop Sentamu has written to all parishes to thank you for your generous offers to our Common Fund for 2014. We had hoped, for our first year of freewill offers, for the offers to total as much money as Parish Share in 2012 – £8.2 million. And that’s what you have offered – £8.2 million. Have a look at our video here to hear more from Archbishop Sentamu on this:

Sentamu at Christmas

The Archbishop is presenting “Sentamu at Christmas” for BBC Radio York on Christmas Day at 12 noon, and repeated Boxing day at 6 pm.  The programme talks about the regeneration of Dr Who from a theological viewpoint and talks to people whose lives have been restored through their faith, including a woman whose husband died suddenly, a couple whose marriage was on the rocks and a young man diagnosed with cancer.  Music comes from the City of York Gospel choir.

Lionel Lennox to step aside in 2014

Lionel Lennox, Diocesan Registrar and Legal Secretary to the Archbishop of York, has announced he is stepping down as Diocesan Registrar next year (but will be continuing as the Provincial Registrar).  Archbishop Sentamu has appointed Caroline Mockford, Registrar of the Diocese of Lincoln, to succeed Lionel, and she will be joining the Registry Team at Lupton Fawcett Denison Till in York .  Find out more are

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